Another Vegas Crook Bites the Dust

Daniel Solomon pleaded guilty to trying to swindle his neighbors at the Vistana Homeowners Association. He admitted he became a “straw purchaser” in the Vistana HOA so he could direct construction business to his co-consirators. He’s the 9th bad guy to admit to the judge that he’s guilty.

If I were living in an HOA whose value plummeted fifty to sixty to eighty percent because of scandals like this, I’d be mortified. If I knew my condo had ZERO resale value because a bunch of neighbors were skimming property values off the top to slip into their own greedy pockets, I’d be more than furious, I’d take to the streets.

Are you HOA members in Vegas such pastel patsies that you’ll put up with this garbage?  Across the country, the same kinds of scams are happening everywhere. Yet homeowners meekly sit by and whine, “I just don’t really want to get involved.”  Involved?!?!?!?  You’re being cheated. You’re being robbed. You ARE involved!!!  Your retirement savings are being wiped out because some crook down the street wasn’t honest enough to say, “No I don’t want to commit the kind of crime you’re offering me!” You ARE involved.  But where’s your anger?  Where’s your outrage?

My upcoming book, “Neighbors at War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association” addresses the Las Vegas Scandal, but it goes after some of the swindles going on in 300,000 other Homeowners Associations across the country. You will not believe the lives this movement has ruined. You won’t believe the families who’ve been broken apart because some HOA Nazi decides to confiscate a home under the most incredibly minor circumstances.  God Bless you if you live in one of the rare HOAs that haven’t had problems.  But don’t be naive.  You have absolutely no Constitutional rights when it comes to defending your beloved home if you live in an HOA.

I’m thinking of called my second book on the subject “Gutless in Las Vegas“.  It wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association

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