Leave it to the Las Vegas crowd to figure out a way to intimidate a police informant!

David Amesbury, a lawyer, is one of ten suspects who’ve pleaded guilty in the Las Vegas HOA corruption case. His guilty plea means he’s going to be a star witness against a massive scheme to rig elections in Las Vegas Homeowners Associations, and steer hundreds of millions of dollars in construction defect litigation to certain attornies and building contractors.

But this week, Amesbury was found severly beaten and bleeding on a street in Henderson, Nevada. The FBI denies Amesbury was beaten because of the federal investigation. Still, they’re taking a close look at it. If there’s a connection, the feds say they’ll take it very seriously.

With one to two dozen more suspects slated to fork over guilty pleas in exchange for their testimony against the real criminal bigwigs, one has to wonder if a message is being sent “Las Vegas style.”

The FBI is aggressively investigating cops, lawyers, judges, businessmen and other unnamed officials in its massive Homeowners Association corruption investigation.

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association


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