Legacy Park Community Association – An HOA Thief In Their Midst

We’ve frequently talked in this blog about thieves who steal from their Homeowners Associations.  There’s another one. There’s always another one.

Douglas Gilpatrick Tulper, a treasurer for the Legacy Park Men’s Club took almost 18,000 dollars from his organization which is part of the Legacy Park Community Association in Kennesaw, Georgia. He says he needed it to pay bills.

His attorney may use his age as an excuse. He’s 78. But the problem isn’t age, or senility, or dementia. The problem is that HOA officers can do whatever the heck they want to with other people’s money. There is no oversight. There are no rules. And where there is no oversight, greed has no chains. It’s extremely rare when somebody actually gets caught.

America has 300,000 Homeowner Associations, little fiefdoms where the U.S. Constitution is not observed, respected or acknowledged.

Embezzlement arrests are rare in our gated communities. Yet every one seems to have some little “bit of history” with HOA thieves.

Isn’t something wrong here?

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association


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One response to “Legacy Park Community Association – An HOA Thief In Their Midst

  1. N. J. Ertel

    Isn’t Mr Tulper presumed innocent until proven guilty? You state all this as it if were a given fact. He hasn’t had his day in court yet. You could at least use the word “allegedly” in your accusation.

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