Pool Inspections Way Behind in Nevada

This one’s almost too funny to comment about.

Nevadans turned over their official pool inspections to the government. As a matter of fact, Homeowner Associations ARE de facto governments.

But now the tiny handful of workers in the Southern Nevada Health District just don’t have the time to inspect all those thousands of Nevada swimming pools. Some HOAs are being told by the inspector they’ve got the wrong drain system installed. They spent thousnads to create the supposedly “accepted” drain system, only to be told the old drain was correct, the new one is wrong, and now thousands more have to spent on digging up the new drain and installing the old.

It’s government, Baby. And because you’re now a big HOA, YOU ARE the government. In your new role, you are not aggrieved citizens who ought to be treated as if you have any special rights. You signed those rights away when you bought a dream home in “covenent-protected” America. Welcome to RealVille.

And by the way, that’s another of the many reasons your house values are plummeting. More and more people are getting gunshy about buying a new home in “Government Housing.”  They’d prefer the strength and power of being able to stand in front of a bureaucrat and say with confidence, “Hey, I’m a real citizen you’re dealing with here, Buddy!”

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association


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