Nancy Quon Didn’t Commit Suicide

Use your heads, folks. Of course the coroner will rule suicide,  That’s a given. But across this world hundreds and hundreds of millions of people take a bath with a glass, or even a bottle of wine, and they don’t end up dead. How come only Nancy Quon has a glass of wine and dies in a bathtub?

Sure, she was under stress. She was about to testify that up to 120 others in the legal, political  and Homeowner Association industry were just as dirty as she was.  Nancy Quon, all by herself, crashed the dreams of millions of homeowners in Nevada.  But she had the ego to think she could skate from under all those federal charges. A woman with that kind of arrogance doesn’t kill herself.  She believes in herself right to the very bitter end.

The coroner will rule suicide because he really has no other choice.  Suicide is the easy answer. Suicide is the only answer. But when you hear that conclusion it will be a bald-faced lie.

Let’s look at the facts: at least 120 people wanted Nancy Quon dead. They hated her. Their life savings were stolen by her. Every hope and dream they ever had were robbed from them and they hated her with a passion.

And yes, there was even a previous murder attempt by one of her partners. His thumb-sucking amateur attempt went wrong for a hundred different reasons, but Nancy Quon’s days were numbered. Too many people, big and small, knew about her to ever let her get near a witness stand. That could never ever happen.

The Feds knew what she had. She’s been talking to them for months, mostly trying to talk herself out of a prison cell.  But she’s been talking, naming names, places, dates, and if they ever got her onto a witness stand the entire state of Nevada would collapse. Her theft of a couple hundred million dollars pales in comparison to what others have stolen.

I’m just a grizzled old reporter, one who’s watched this scene play out in a hundred courtrooms over a forty year career. I’ve watched it happen in a dozen different ways. But just remember my words. Nancy Quon did not commit suicide.


Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association


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