Houston Homeowner is “Robbed” by her HOA

A woman in Houston, Texas has learned what thousands of other homeowners have learned: the HOA has incredible powers to seize and auction off your home for a tiny infraction.

Ann Izzat is 67 years old. Her home of 32 years was owned free and clear. At least that’s what she thought. She acknowledges she might not have paid her dues of $1200, but she says she never got notice of the overdue bill, and was never personally served any papers. But the sheriff’s office showed up on her doorstep, ordered her to completely empty her home of all her belongings within 30 minutes, and then took all of her possessions to the curb.

Her Kingwood Homeowner’s Association then auctioned her home off. A California company bought the home at auction for $7000.

Izzat has lots of company. Harris County HOAs seize and auction about 6000 homes a year.

Randy Wallace, a reporter for FOX TV in Houston, brought us this story.

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association



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4 responses to “Houston Homeowner is “Robbed” by her HOA

    • Hilary, thanks for the note. Sadly, there are thousands, possibly tens of thousands of homeowners who’ve been evicted. In my upcoming book, I tell the story of an elderly lady who lost her home over a 78 cent error in her dues. Incredible, but true.

    • Hilary. I read the story. Very very sad. There are tens of thousands of more coming.

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