One of My Own Neighbors Just Vandalized My House!

It happens. But yes, my home was just invaded and ripped to shreds. Dang, I wish I’d thought to pick up a camera. Had I been thinking I might have been able to take a picture of this home-wrecker to have some kind of evidence to show the authorities. At the very least I could have photographed the damage so I could post the photos here to help get this guy identified. But when emergencies happen, sometimes you just don’t think fast enough.

I should set up some kind of camera trap in case it happens again. I do know my neighbors, and I’m certain he’ll do it again.

I have a pretty good description of the bad guy. He probably weighs about 250 pounds and has kind of a mean looking face.  He’s got a huge mustache. Actually he’s quite the hirsute and looks amazingly like a Colorado black bear!

Now, where is that camera!

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association



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2 responses to “One of My Own Neighbors Just Vandalized My House!

    • LOL! We had lots of excitement here this week. Not only did the black bear visit us and shake up the neighborhood, but we had a mountain lion, too. The drought up in the mountains, I guess, is driving all the wildlife down to us.

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