What Went Down In Wisconsin

With what went down in Wisconsin on June 5th, one blogger who looks more and more precognizant is the webmaster behind RightToOwn.org.

A sea change is coming; at some point Americans are going to begin realizing that one of the biggest scams in history has been perpetrated against the typical suburban homeowner.  This societal shift will fundamentally change the way people look at the dollars they’ve poured into their investment homes.

One of the safest investments, we’ve always been told, is the money we put into our own homes. Home values will always go up, we’ve heard. You just can’t lose the money you’ve invested in your personal home. But homeowner ownership profits are just about as ephemeral as profits bet on the horses or the craps tables in Las Vegas. We just never believed it.

We’re all quickly learning that a single change in law or HOA covenants can determine whether or not all that equity in your home is worthless or not.

RightToOwn.org has a slightly different take as he compares the wild parallels between Right To Work states and the mystical Right to Own Your Own Home states. In Right To Work states, you make a voluntary choice whether to become members of an employment union or not.

In Right to Own States (which don’t really exist), you might get to voluntarily choose whether to join the local Homeowner Association. The nasty secret, of course, is the fact that if you make a decision to join the local HOA then you don’t really own anything at all. Your neighbors essentially own what you have. It’s insidious, and confusing enough for most homeowners who don’t understand the puzzle palace they’re entering.

When you agree to abide by an HOA’s covenants, you give away part of your soul on a vague promise that your property values will always be protected. The bottom line is that they are not protected.

Back to the Wisconsin (a non-right-to-work state), public employees did not have a choice whether to join a union. Just like an HOA, membership was mandatory. As a result, union leaders tried to overreach at the expense of all other Wisconsin workers. As we all saw in the election, government acted and a major of voters upheld its actions.  Right or wrong, the net salaries of all public service employees will soon be coming down. And it could spell the doom of public employee unions across the country.

In the housing sector, on the other hand, there may be a similar awakening at some point as Homeowners suddenly realize that the HOA industry, the lawyers, the managers, the hangers on are also overreaching. A growing movement is beginning to balk at the micromanaging, the mismanagement and abuse that are increasingly destroying access to the “American Dream.”

For a more coherent understanding, explore: http://www.righttoown.org/

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association


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