Big Week in the Las Vegas HOA Scandal

As reported in the Las Vegas Review Journal, this should be an interesting week in the massive federal investigation of corruption in Las Vegas Homeowner Associations.  A gaggle of crooks will stand up, plead guilty in federal court, and promise to testify against co-conspirators…bad guys who worked their hearts out to plunder the life savings of thousands of Las Vegas homeowners.

Retired cops will plead guilty to having stacked the boards of HOAs, so insurance lawsuits could be funneled through a few select law firms and Las Vegas businessmen. Federal Judge James Mahan has vowed to keep the process open, so all citizens will be able to see and assess the corruption that existed at all levels of government.

Earlier news leaks promised that judges, legislators and people of all stripes would be exposed in this investigation. So far, we haven’t seen much of that. But corruption of this sort is like a stench. The smell rises to the top. Someone, somewhere at the top of government knew this degree of corruption was going on and either overlooked it or participated in it.

Pray that the federal prosecutors and FBI agents who represent you, don’t collapse under the weight of political pressure and just go after the little fish. It’s harder to reel in the whale, but the whale only survives because of all the little fish.

Highly questionable “suicides” marked the beginning of this case. Those deaths should always be kept at the top of readers’ minds.

Further info from the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association


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