Another Las Vegas Guilty Plea

Every new guilty plea should bring a shout of joy from the thousands of elderly Las Vegas HOA members who lost their life savings and home equity when this cesspool of crooks decided to start draining their neighbors of their savings.


This week Arnold Myers, a former HOA board member and a phony straw buyer of an HOA home, pleaded guilty to fraud and corruption and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. He’s the 27th. The judge ordered him to pay $277,000 in restitution.

This crook whined that he’s battling skin cancer and will turn 79 in two weeks. He couldn’t attend a previous hearing because he also suffered from double pneumonia.

As Christians, we’re all supposed to forgive those who trespass against us.

But with organized crime suspects arrogantly claiming they robbed multiple homeowner associations in Nevada, ruining the lives of hundreds of fellow homeowners, some things are just so difficult to do.

Myers’ principle victims were the Jasmine, Palmilla, Chateau Versaille and Park Avenue Associations.

Rigging of HOA elections, dirty campaign tactics, stacking HOA boards with phony members, funneling HOA money to Organized Crime elements. Myers has been ordered to pay restitutution. Any guesses here? Will any victim see even a dime of restitution?

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association


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4 responses to “Another Las Vegas Guilty Plea

  1. mmb

    I sure would like to see a list of all the quilty with their restitution amounts and who gets reimbursed.


    About the Clients’ Security Fund – The State Bar of Nevada established the Clients’ Security Fund in 1970 to compensate victims of lawyer theft.

  3. Speaking of crime syndicates, the president-elect of the Las Vegas CAI is shocked! at the scope of the corruption:

    Donna Toussaint, a longtime Las Vegas homeowner association industry insider, said she and others in the HOA field were shocked at how large the conspiracy turned out to be. Twenty-seven people have pleaded guilty in cases involving a dozen HOAs, and that number likely will grow.

    “I had no idea of the scope. I don’t think anyone could have. It’s just incomprehensible,” said Toussaint, president-elect of a local association for HOAs called the Community Associations Institute. “I’m shocked every time I read a new story in the paper about it.”

    My fearless prediction doubled down: not one thin dime will be recovered and returned.

    • The comment from Toussaint is actually kind of funny. I’m shocked that this kind of investigation isn’t going on in every major city in America. The one thing the CAI will NEVER EVER tell is the number of embezzlements across the country. CAI knows and keeps track. But that’s a top secret you’ll never hear!

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