Another Reason to be SCARED of the HOA Experience!

A 40 unit apartment building in Titusville, Florida caught fire four years ago and most of the units were severely damaged. Obviously, all those in the building lost their homes. But the Bay Towers Homeowners Association is now foreclosing on dozens of displaced fire victims because they haven’t been paying their HOA dues. Apparently, even if your home is destroyed by fire, your HOA dues in some cases could technically go on forever!

One homeowner, Mike McDaniel, acknowledges he owes $8000 in HOA dues. But he says he’s now being sued for $48,000 for a place he’s not even allowed to set foot in.

The developer has been fined by the City of Titusville for almost two million dollars for not repairing the fire damage. The developer, in turn, is suing dozens of the former homeowners like McDaniels in addition to suing the insurance company.

McDaniel’s attorney told reporters from WFTV that all the lawsuits could give the developer control of the condos. If so, he’ll probably eventually get a better price for them.

(Good reporting by WFTV. We need more HOA coverage like this!)

Ward Lucas, author of Neighbors at War! The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association.


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  1. anonymous

    A reader at Evan McKenzie’s blog left a comment that’s so good, I’m just going to steal it and re-print it here :

    This is the problem with permitting the HOA to be an intermediary between the residents and the utilities. The residents have the same problem when they pay the HOA. HOAs are not utilities and should not be permitted to act as a “middleman” between the residents and the utilities. The utilities are regulated as utilities, the HOAs are not and should not be permitted to act as utilities. Even if all the residents are paying, there is no obligation for the HOA to apply their assessment monies to the water bill! All too often the residents put their money into this “common hat” only to have the hat taken by other parties whether those parties are board members or HOA management companies. Sub-metering and direct billing would resolve this problem immediately.

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