The Scariest HOA in the Country is… YOURS!

“No, I live in a great HOA,” you might say. “Our board is not overbearing and we all get along.”

Fabulous!  But did you know that every HOA board in America is just one vote away from changing leadership and turning the HOA from pacifist to fascist? That’s why you hear so many nightmarish stories about Homeowners Associations.

Representatives of the HOA industry argue that the horror stories that pop up are just anomalies, just exceptions.

“Not so,” says a California homeowners rights group that keeps track of HOA clashes with homeowners across The Golden State. CCHAL, or Center for California Homeowner Assocation Law, says claims about “anomalies” are simply “untrue.” In a press release about one outrageous situation the organization says:

“We here at the Center have a statewide lens, so we know that stories (like this) are more the rule than the exception: they are part of the pattern and practice of an industry unfamiliar with concepts like “due process”: and the 14th Amendment.”

CCHAL’s website is at

Ward Lucas, author of “The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowner Association”


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One response to “The Scariest HOA in the Country is… YOURS!

  1. Speaking of rule by despotism and votes, it was Stalin who realized that [i]t is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

    And as “due process” and the 14th Amendment are both found in the Constitution, of course they’re not followed in an HOA. As ‘private’ entities, they don’t have to abide by the Constitution. They only have to hold elections and count the votes. We’re all only one election away from disaster.

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