The Lawyers Get The Shaft, The Lawyers Get the Shaft, hey ho the dario The Lawyers…….

CCHAL, a homeowners rights group in California as been d0ing a superhuman job on behalf of homeowners. Let me tip you to their latest escapade.  Working with the Nevada Attorney General and the Nevada Real Estate Commission, they’re dragging three HOA board directors and their associations into Small Claims Court in Nevada!

Among the charges, failing to hold association elections, staying in office beyond the HOA’s term limits, imposing arbitrary and capricious rules to keep homeowners from voting, failing to keep financial records or have them reviewed by a CPA, using the HOA credit card to enrich themselves, diverting association funds for their own use, failing to maintain corporate reserves, failing to keep corporate minutes, retaliating against homeowners who file complaints of any of the above officers, interfering with the current corruption investigation into Nevada’s HOAs.

CCHAL was the Knight in Shining Armor who fought to allow Small Claims Court to conduct such hearings in California. Become a paying member and they’ll let you see all their court files and many other items of interest to beleagured homeowners.
Reach them at
Ward Lucas, author of Neighbors At War! The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association



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5 responses to “The Lawyers Get The Shaft, The Lawyers Get the Shaft, hey ho the dario The Lawyers…….

  1. Small claims court for a list of offenses longer than the line at the DMV?

    What I’m failing to get, and maybe it’s a California or Nevada thing, is what lawyers are getting the shaft? The ones who can’t represent their clients in small claims court? Is this true of small claims courts in all 50 states?

  2. anonymous

    “Most Small Claims Courts will not allow lawyers to argue cases for clients. ”

    What happens if you sue your HOA, and the registered agent of the HOA is the association’s lawyer?

    • It’s my believe that the courts will go to the highest board officers who is not an attorney. In any event, most lawyers’ tricks are eliminated. There is thorough and proper questioning of witnesses. But you should to to the folks who got this started CCHAL in California. They have a video package available to you giving you step by step instructions of working with Small Claims Court. It’s not intimidating at all.

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