Another Day, Another Embezzlement

The latest one was in the Osprey Homeowners Association in Sarasota County, Florida.

Charles Nichols allegedly wrote himself at least 33 checks for thousands of dollars. HOA officials said his actions left the association deeply in debt.

Nichols is 69 years old.  This blogger highly doubts the HOA will ever get restitution. That means a special assessment to all homeowners to make up for the losses.

Thanks for the Herald Tribune for bringing this to light.

Ward Lucas, author of Neighbors At War! The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association




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2 responses to “Another Day, Another Embezzlement

  1. seashell55

    Mr. Nichols is a piker in the HOA embezzlement/thievery business.

    A Dover Twp, PA man netted over $50,000 as treasurer of his HOA. A Fargo, ND woman, who liked to gamble, hit the jackpot at $53,000 as President of her HOA, and a security guard for a condo in HI used the spare keys to enter 16 units and net around $70,000 from stealing bank account numbers and credit cards.

    This was all in the past week. We’re almost up to one a day and coverage of all 50 states.

    Yet the CAI sees nothing wrong with any of this and insists that HOAs must not be constrained, restrained or defamed because …?? How do they get legislators to swallow their lies? Never mind, I know how.

    • Now you can see why a Las Vegas type FBI investigation could happen in any state at any time. There just aren’t enough federal investigators to go around for all the crooks in the HOA business. Idle thought: does anyone know of a federal prison large enough to hold all the lawyers?

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