What’s Up With This Judge?????????

An HOA embezzler in Gypsum, Colorado is getting off easy, after stealing more than 20,000 dollars from her neighbors.

Brenda Elaine Dobbs is her name. She’s been in trouble before, with at least nine criminal cases in the past 20 years. Fraud, forgery, theft, and embezzling money from an animal rescue group. Yet some idiot at the Mountain View Homeowners Association thought she’d make a pretty good HOA treasurer.

She told the judge, “I am guilty, but I know my life is different now.” Some judges will bite on any fish bait, but this one took it hook, line and sinker. He told her he’d drop the charges if she’d just pay the money back.

Don’tcha just love lawyers? And judges? And HOA board members who think hiring a career criminal as treasurer is a good idea? Jeesh!


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