Fraud? In An HOA? G’wan!!!!!!!!!

As I’ve said before, once in a while you’ll find a lawyer who may actually be given a spot in Heaven. Is this another one?

Fraud in community associations.  by: Bill Raphan September 13th, 2012 | 2:41 PM

Unfortunately, there is fraud being committed in community associations throughout the State of Florida every day.

I spent 5 years working with the Economic Crimes unit of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in their Condominium Anti Fraud program.

The good news is that the majority of the complaints that were submitted turned out not to be fraud but were only mismanagement or misappropriation of funds.

Usually, it was unintentional and just from a lack of knowledge.

However, there were times when there were red flags that caused the need for further investigation and sometimes arrests and prosecution.

What should you as an owner look for if you suspect fraud in your association?

These are some of the most common fraudulent activities that were found:

Kickbacks – Vendors paying off board members “under the table”

Including over inflating contracts and “kicking back”  the difference

Schemes concerning credit cards

Altering or falsifying financial records

Forged signatures

Paying for work not done

Paying nonexistent employees

Submitting false expense vouchers

Want to learn more about fraud, contracts, dealing with vendors, and much more?

Next Wednesday, September 19, 2012, we are conducting our free “Board Member Basics” board certification class.

The class will be held at our Katzman Garfinkel and Berger Law and Learning Center

5297 West Copans Road from 10 AM – 12PM

To register call 954 315-0372

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One response to “Fraud? In An HOA? G’wan!!!!!!!!!

  1. anonymous

    “Once in a while you’ll find a lawyer who may actually be given a spot in Heaven. Is this another one?”


    He works at Katzman Garfinkel and Berger, aka “KGB Law”, which is your typical rapacious HOA law firm. Evil, nasty, vicious.

    I smell a big rat.

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