Huge HOA News in Nevada!

An amazing move was made today in Nevada, as the commission that regulates Homeowners Associations dropped a bombshell on three HOA directors. Joseph Bitsky, Barbara Bitsky and Hellen Murphy, directors of the Autumn Chase HOA, were hit with $104,000 worth of fines and barred indefinitely from ever serving again on any HOA board in Nevada.

The Bitsky couple were accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the HOA and retaliating against neighbors who complained about them.

Today’s action was a gutsy move by the Nevada agency, and absolutely unprecedented. Nevada has been hard hit by crooked HOAs where directors got themselves elected to boards that embezzled money and diverted it to attorneys and other public figures. A Federal Grand Jury has indicted at least 26 board members in recent months and is expected to hand down at least a dozen more indictments. The Autumn Chase HOA is apparently not a part of the federal investigation.



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2 responses to “Huge HOA News in Nevada!

  1. Bitsky is still the President of KTNVs HOA Hall of Shame, which is the investigative series on HOAs by Darcy Spears. Darcy has braved many teed off HOA presidents, but apparently Bitsky took 1st place.

    Where’s the book? I loved the sample chapter!

    • Ward Lucas

      I’ve complimented Darcy Spears before. She’s incredibly brave.

      Ah, glad you liked the sample. Our book launch is November 1st!

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