Isn’t It Sweet When The Media Start Paying Attention?

More and more noise is being made around the country from the smallest media to the highest…about abuses by Homeowners Associations. And it’s about time. There’s no more fundamentally corrupt American institution than the HOA down the street. Don’t believe me? There’s an easy test. Just Google “HOA embezzle” and look at the results. Then multiply your results by 1000, since less than one out of a thousand HOAs involved in embezzling ever get any kind of news coverage.

Shocking? Well, that still doesn’t cover even a fraction of the abuses by HOA boards. With more than 300,000 Homeowners Associations in the country, a massive number have complaints about the excesses of power-mongering board members. Don’t believe that? There’s an easy test. Just choose any one of those HOAs in the country and attend the annual meeting. Odds are you’ll see a vicious slugfest.

Enough said.

Ah! No, not quite enough. This blog below from San Fran is really worth reading.


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