Looks Like Nevada “Gets it”

Those of you living outside Nevada might have missed one of the most important editorials of the week. Of the month. If you love your family and your home, please take the time to read this from the Las Vegas Review-Journal:




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2 responses to “Looks Like Nevada “Gets it”

  1. Wow. This is an important Op/Ed and one of the only editorials that doesn’t try to spread equal blame to the homeowners, too. The Las Vegas Review Journal must not have consulted the CAI before writing the article.

    The fact that the Autumn Chase homeowners ultimately prevailed in the fight against their HOA is NOT proof that the system works and should be left alone. It took those homeowners FOUR years to get their association out of the crooks hands and into their own. During those four years, the homeowners suffered in a way that goes directly against the concept of home ownership.

    The other really sad aspect is that this is common and how every-day-operations work in the other 49 states, also.

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