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There are thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of news articles about people who’ve been royally shafted in the American HOA system. There’s a very good article in today’s Fort Worth Weekly entitled “Hostage, Sweet Hostage.” It tells the story of a family who moved into a Texas HOA looking for security and safety. But an argument over a vehicle led to harrassment, fines, lawsuits and has cost this family their peace of mind.

This gated HOA has used a weapon against the family: locking the gate so they can’t reach their home, their guests can’t visit, the babysitter can’t enter to care for the kids. And when the family protests, HOA officials just flatly refuse to talk to them. Ah, but the HOA president finally talked to them. But only after joining hands with the family and praying before¬†lowering the hammer.

What a world!


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  1. Check out this note in the NY Times Caucus blog. An HOA north of Atlanta is locking it’s gates over possible civil unrest after the election.

    No word on whether the president prayed before locking the gates, or where his info comes from as the Woodstock police have stated it didn’t come from them.

    The crazy locking the gates is the new normal in an HOA.

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