Book Is Selling!!!

BTW, most of you know, but my new book, “Neighbors At War,” has been out for two weeks and sales have already started! I duplicate this blog over on my website,  Just click on the HOA HELL button to reach all these same blog posts. You can purchase my book from the webpage, or buy it on Amazon. Just run “Ward Lucas” in the book section and it should pop up.

Lots of good comments, so far. Ah! And BTW, most authors would never in a million years think of offering a money-back guarantee. But I will! Buy the book directly from me ( and here’s my promise: If you aren’t entertained, if you didn’t learn something new, if you can’t find some tragic HOA member to give your copy to, then return the undamaged book to me. I will write you a personal check to reimburse you for the book! My word is my bond!

Ward Lucas

151 Summer St #463

Morrison, CO 80465


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