Twelve Las Vegas HOA Figures Indicted

Indictments are filed in the massive FBI investigation into corrupt Homeowners Associations. Details at


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2 responses to “Twelve Las Vegas HOA Figures Indicted

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    I have gotten a response from Senator Kirk Watson in our district in Austin and they have agreed to look at the Sunchase case. The legislature is in session and they may consider changes or additions to the current laws, specifically the inclusion of condominiums. Basically, we are pushing for owners in condos to be able to file against associations with the JP court for a nominal filing fee, require property managers, associated practitioners (legal/financial/other) and board members to maintain a license and/or certification relating to the laws and management of HOAs; subject to renewal and oversight by a state regulatory board, require a majority vote of owners to determine and retain non-biased and experienced legal/financial representation for audits and legal counsel for the members as a whole, and handle ongoing legal disputes via the Attorney General’s office for consumer protection. This is being done in Indiana and relieves the member from expensive legal fees. We need backing from owners everywhere who have experienced what we face here in Austin and how your state may be handling things. Please write to Senator Watson on our behalf or share your ideas here.

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